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Chicago’s Best Immersive Art Studio!

Home of the Immersive Art Show & THE Immersive Yoga Experience
by Artist Prolific Lee


Studio Prolific is an Immersive Art and Digital Media Production Center. Studio Prolific combines art creation and artistic performance while in an immersive, multimedia environment. We offer membership plans, custom art services, immersive art shows, paint and sips, art workshops, and photography services.


We provide accessibility to space, equipment, and instruction for artists to create various forms of artwork and digital media to make them more productive and successful. We encourage members to work both individually and collaboratively.


LeDonna Bailey

(also known as Prolific Lee)

is an African American painter from Detroit, MI with 20 years of experience in the art world. Currently based in Chicago, IL, Lee owns an immersive art and digital media production studio and produces the first and only immersive art show created by a black female artist. Lee started developing her skills as an artist in middle school where she first became an art major and continued that journey at the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts (DSA). She furthered her art education at Grand Valley State University as a Studio Art minor while majoring in Biomedical Science and receiving a Bachelor of Science from her time there. She's explored mediums such as clay, wood, ink, aerosol, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel and many others. She currently creates by painting in either acrylic or oil paint and has been a featured artist at Artprize (an international art exhibition) for two consecutive years. Her work has been commissioned and sold all over the country.

IMG_4178 copy.JPG

Back in June of 2022, I previewed a short and sweet version of the show. In February 2023, I put on a cool Valentine’s Day Immersive Art Show Experience at an art gallery with Immersive viewing sessions, Immersive Paint and Sips, Immersive Yoga, and the first ever Immersive Comedy Show with a group of talented Chicago comedians and Improvisers. Now, I have a location in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood where all my immersive ideas and events come to life. The show has more artwork and it’s twice as long. There's a variety of dynamic immersive installations that rotate depending on the theme or special event. We love to keep our show fresh and new!

Projection designer, Liviu Pasare who has more than 20 years of experience,  mapped the new and more complex system at Studio Prolific and co-designed animation sequences. The extra surfaces, corners, and floor gives the show more depth and aesthetic. It truly gives you the feeling of being immersed in art. 

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